Driving every digital strategy to success

My goal is to drive businesses to achieve the most favorable strategic position to compete in the digital world.

Ana Cecilia Delgado
Freelance Consultant

I am a full-time independent consultant and trainer with over 30 years of experience in IT service management, IT Governance, and Business Process Improvement.  I am certified as ITIL Strategic Leader and Managing Professional, ISO20K Executive Consultant, COBIT, DevOps, among others.


I am a freelance accredited trainer for ITIL® Official courses, COBIT® And DevOps. I develop custom workshops to meet my clients needs.

The chess knight

The knight piece in a Chess game has the most unusual move. It can jump over all other pieces to its target or destination. Winning without the knights is time consuming. Having a knight as your business partner will give you the jump start to initiate your business’ digital transformation and innovation program.
Because your organization is unique, so are their needs. I will be the knight piece in a chess game helping you identify the ‘best of breed’ methods that will make your digital transformation and innovation initiatives succeed, faster and with reduced risk.

Do you need help with your digital strategy?

I’m here to help! Make the first step to drive your digital transformation and innovation to success.